It’s easy being Green and Crafty!

So I am still sort of shaping this blog into what it will become, but after a day of unproductive loafing around and “interneting”, I decided that I need to be more committed to living a creative life.

I read through many posts on Instructables,  Makezine, and Etsy.  The posts made me realize that there are many things that I need and want in my life- but I also realized that I can make most of those things.

So that said, I am committing myself to full hippy-dom, and first trying to make my own ‘whatevers’ out of recycled materials (including clothing and jewelry -yipes!), before purchasing anything new. This commitment should help me be more creative in my everyday life, as well as help me save money, and be more environmentally responsible because I will waste less.

So check out those sites, and get inspired yourself! Relevant links:

Green is Universal



About Exploding Noise

I'm just "a fucked-up girl, looking for her own peace of mind". Ha! That's from my favorite movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Ummm...about me....let's see.... the sentence above pretty much sums it up, but I guess really I only want one thing: to live a creative life that's full of love and peace. That's all. This blog is a platform to catalog my epiphanies, ponder my failures and celebrate my triumphs as I pursue my ideal life.

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