Unicorns and Leopard Print

So I just received some new makeup.

Lime Crime RetroFuturis Red Lipstick and Nail Rock Leopard Print nail wraps.

I love my Lime Crime lipstick!!!It’s my new favorite!

Lime Crime comes in an adorable lilac tube with a silver holographic unicorn on the front- that’s right…. a HOLOGRAPHIC UNICORN!

Lime Crime RetroFuturis (Red)

Honestly, that was what inspired me to choose that brand. Haha. Just the sight of the tube made me happy. It took me back to playing dress up as a kid and using the pink and purple plastic tubes of ‘kiddie’ lipstick. I thought ‘how could I not be happy with this in my purse?’ So I decided to order it.

It only took a few days for the package to arrive, but nonetheless, I spent everyday obsessing over its arrival and imagining myself playing in my new makeup and dressing up in new outfits.

I couldn’t wait to try my Lime Crime (I like saying Lime Crime :)) so even though I opened my package shortly before bedtime, I still wore it around the house for a few hours. It felt so soft and smooth on my lips. My lips felt really moisturized and luscious. The Retrofuturis red color was rich & bright but not overwhelming; for me it was just right.  I read the ingredients and it has castor oil- to which I think the luscious moisturizing feeling could be attributed. I can’t wait to see how it feels on my lips over time. I will be wearing this all day everyday from now on, secretly hoping that someone will ask about it so I can whip out that bomb-ass tube, excitedly point out the unicorn, and say the words ‘Lime Crime’.

Retrofuturis Red

Also in my package were Nail Rock Leopard Print nail wraps.

They were not exactly what I expected. I thought they’d look like the picture on the package- huge leopard spots on a gold background, giving the illusion of real nail polish. But I must not have looked at all of the pics on the website, because the nail wraps inside the package featured spots that were actually much smaller, and sort of clustered together. Instead of looking like leopard spots painted on my nails, I feel it looks more like my nails are sporting leopard print wallpaper.

Nail Rock Leopard Print

I’d never worn nail wraps before , so the process was also a bit of a surprise. The wraps must be heated in order to adhere properly. It suggests using a travel size blow dryer- which I don’t have. I used my regular sized blow dryer on low, but could only stand the direct heat on my skin for a few seconds before it felt like my skin would burn.

Once the nail wraps were adhered to my nail, I hadto use a wooden file to file the excess wrap off the tip of the nail. I thought I did a pretty good job filing them down, but later found that my nails were snagging on clothing and in my hair. After filing them a little more, it seems to be a bit better, but I still have a feeling that they will become jagged again within a day or two, since I work with my hands a lot (sculpting, sewing, painting etc).

All and all, the process was not extremely complicated but was just enough of a pain in the ass that I probably would not purchase them again. I think actual nail polish might hold up better. I was as excited about these nail wraps as I was about my Lime Crime lipstick. Lime Crime definitely met my expectations, but Nail Rock nail wraps were kind of a let down. Honestly, I’m more disappointed with the pattern on the actual wraps than with the application process or the snagginess. I think I’d put up with the heat, and the snags, and would even purchase them again if the pattern matched the one on the box.

Today I also payed a visit to the $2 Thrift Store, which doesn’t have an actual name or even a phone number- just a giant pile of clothes from film/tv studios in which you can find ‘treasure’, as the shopkeeper lady calls it…. But I’ll write more about the store another time.

I just wanted to mention this sweater that I found there.

Sweater to become Skirt

I’m going to cut the arms off and turn the shirt into a skirt.

Then I’ll use the arms on a sweatshirt button-up cardigan that I plan to make once I find the perfect thrifted sweatshirt.

I plan to do several clothing recons in the future, so just keep this “before” in mind and shortly I will post pics of the” after”!

That’s all for now. Happy Saturday 🙂


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