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It’s easy being Green and Crafty!

So I am still sort of shaping this blog into what it will become, but after a day of unproductive loafing around and “interneting”, I decided that I need to be more committed to living a creative life.

I read through many posts on Instructables,  Makezine, and Etsy.  The posts made me realize that there are many things that I need and want in my life- but I also realized that I can make most of those things.

So that said, I am committing myself to full hippy-dom, and first trying to make my own ‘whatevers’ out of recycled materials (including clothing and jewelry -yipes!), before purchasing anything new. This commitment should help me be more creative in my everyday life, as well as help me save money, and be more environmentally responsible because I will waste less.

So check out those sites, and get inspired yourself! Read the rest of this entry